When you take out a policy with us, our underwriter's requirements mean members must agree to certain assumptions.

These assumptions include that the property isn't undergoing, or is about to undergo, major renovations and that the property is not left unoccupied for more than 60 days a year.

When it comes to major renovations, we consider these to be things like extensions and basement or attic conversions.

If you choose to undergo building work after taking out a policy with us, you are still covered but there are limitations.

For example, we wouldn't be able to cover any damage that arose as a result of the building work and if there was a theft, made easier by things like scaffolding, we couldn't cover that either.

If the building work means that you need to move out of your home, please remember that a policy becomes invalid if this is for more than 60 days. We need to know that your home is somewhere you regularly sleep and isn't left vacant at night for long periods.

As we offer traditional home insurance (albeit with an untraditional tech element!), it's worth additionally considering specific renovation cover.

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