For Buildings and Contents insurance, these are the assumptions you’ll need to agree to:


  • Are a UK resident over the age of 18

  • Own your own home (either outright or with a mortgage)

Your Home...

  • is built out of bricks or stone

  • is roofed with tiles, slate, concrete or asphalt

  • is not a listed building

  • has no more than 6 bedrooms

  • is not left unoccupied for more than 60 days a year

  • is not a weekend, holiday or second home

  • is not currently undergoing any major refurbishments, conversions, extensions or other structural works

You have...

  • No more than £20k worth of valuables (art, jewellery etc)

  • No single items individually worth more than £10k. If you do, that's fine but this policy won't cover them

  • Nobody living at your property has...

  • Received a conviction for any offence (except driving offences)

  • Had any insurance cancelled, refused or voided

  • Been declared bankrupt

You understand...

  • That Locket is a monthly or annual insurance product, which will continue to renew unless cancelled by you or us

  • That if in future you remove a device from your home that gives you a discount, your price will go up.

We can't insure you if you don't agree with the assumptions.

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