App-First, Paper Last.

We're digital-first and environmentally friendly, so we try to save paper (and trees!) wherever we can.

This doesn't mean that we won't send you your policy documents by post if you really need them – it just means that it's always our last resort and that we ask that you consider respecting the planet and staying paperless.

If you still would like your policy documents posted to you, you can reach out to us via the chat function in-app or on the Locket website, or email We will need you to answer three security questions, and they may take up to seven working days to arrive.

The best way for you to see your policy documents is via the email sent upon purchase or, if you download the Locket app and sign in using the same email address you used to purchase your policy, you can manage your account and find your policy documents there, too. They even get updated automatically when you amend aspects of your cover with us!

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