If your monthly payment fails, you'll receive automatic alerts from our payment provider and we'll always try to reach out to you by email. You'll have a short period of time to resolve the problem or find an alternative cover.

You will still be covered during this time, and we will retry taking payment a few days after our first attempt.

If you ever need to change your card details, please follow this link: https://quote.locket.insure/billing and update it with the correct information (Make sure you are logged in when you click on the link).

If it helps, there’s a demo video for changing your billing details in a web browser here.

You can also manage your billing details and update your card in the Locket app in the my profile section by:

  • Tapping on Buildings and Contents

  • Scroll right down to the bottom underneath the power-ups and manage your devices

  • Select: Change Payment Info

  • Select + Add payment method

  • Enter the new card details (make sure to tick the box that says Use as default method before clicking add)

We’ve also got a demo video for changing your billing details in the app here.

If you have any questions, then you can always reach out to us via the in-app or website chat function.

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